Friday, April 5, 2013

meet danielle.

Danielle De Block was the girl who entered art history class as if she came out from a Raphael's painting of cherubs. So far I witnessed her love of fine arts, cats, salad, and how she can literally glow under the sunlight. To experience her presence in the room is to ponder upon a pair of clear blue eyes only to find traces of the sun trapped in her irises.

My words are cheesy, but the pictures will show you further about what I've been trying hard to explain.

These pictures of her test shoot turned into an outlet for me to improve my editing. Plus I'd like to be braver and take risks in art, learn things that I'm capable of learning before defining my own style later on in the future.

Thank you Danielle for lending a Sunday to me.


Anonymous said...

leeenn this is my fav pics so farr! bagus banget

Glenys K said...

omg baru liat keren banget len foto and layout nya and model nya juga mata nya bagus banget <3


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