Friday, April 26, 2013

mount kynthos.

Cynthia asked me one day if I would be available to photograph her, yet she wanted a more eccentric and braver style than what I previously did. Because she's an interior-designer-to-be, she agreed to a more fine arts approach, and she told me it doesn't even have to be pretty. But as you all know about my belief and obsession with beauty in addition to Cynthia's photogenic qualities, it was difficult to not make her look stunning.

Therefore let's just say I did my best, but kudos to Cynthia who did great even though this is her first photo shoot with me.

Special thanks to her suite mate for lending a room and the closet.


Krysta Amelia said...

This is fragile and beautiful. So cool.

Mau dong di foto tema nya brooklyn we go hard hahaha!


Olen Riyanto said...

just contact me when i'm back in NYC krys ;)


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