Wednesday, July 31, 2013

news x instagram.

Hello summer peeps!

First, I'll give you some intentionally-made-to-be-difficult-to-read news.

2nd of all, the lack of updates can be healed temporarily by following my instagram: @olenriyanto. I've been a bit obsessed with instagram these days because it's very compact and instant. Plus, it's another way to keep yourself posted of my upcoming posts here.

Have a great dose of the sun, then!

Monday, July 15, 2013

meet eunice.

A lot of my high school friends tend to help me with the promotional side of this blog in such a traditional mouth-to-mouth kind of way. Never thought that I would meet those third parties but Melia happened to invite one to Indonesia for the summer.

Eunice currently goes to Otis College of Art & Design in LA. She's very quiet, very minimalistic Coachella-chic in terms of style, and she's very blessed with an amazing pair of cheekbones, plus a great taste in choosing her tattoo (yes I'm shamelessly obsessed with it). The shoot went well, as relaxed as it could be. I gave the pictures to Melia straight away and asked her to layout them for me. This blog really needs a bit of revamping so I've been asking people to help me do that here and there.

There'll be more updates soon but for now, meet Eunice!

P.S. Try clicking the large pictures to see it in fit-into-screen slide mode.

Monday, July 8, 2013

featured: ITTIDM

Jasmine, a friend of mine since high school happened to be one of the 18-year-olds with a whole lot of followers on tumblr due to her snappy and hilarious take on things (click here for a taste of it). Yet even before the fame, I admired her for being so candid and outspoken. Back in 11th grade IB Art class, I've always thought about writing some of her funny catchphrases on paper so I could remember them. Nowadays I can easily read them on her newly-made blog, I Think Therefore It Doesn't Matter.

Despite the fact that it's new, the things she posted can keep you engaged because even when she rants, she did it so beautifully. Plus she's into art so I love her Web Finds section for featuring things that I am  very fond of.

Oh and I am very honored to mention that Jasmine has been and still is a big fan of this blog, so she wrote a feature on her blog about it!

I got butterflies and dragons in my stomach right now. Big thanks to Jasmine and let's all hope that the next time she gets a mention in this blog, she'll be more than just in the form of words ;)

Friday, July 5, 2013

featured: InStyle Indonesia

Did a quick shoot with an emerging Indonesian actor-on-stage Ruy Iskandar for this month's InStyle Indonesia. It was a great experience working with Ruy and Robyn, the assistant and stylist of the day. Roamed around the MET museum and Central Park for that whole afternoon with them, and ended the day at an oyster bar. It was a job that didn't really feel like one, which is good.

Thanks to Arifaldi and InStyle Indonesia for the opportunity. You guys are welcome to buy the magazine at your nearest bookstore if you want to know more about Ruy and his works in NYC!


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