Saturday, April 6, 2013


Woke up a bit too early and so the randomness came to me. As I changed my usual wide lens to a fixed one, I started snapping away every light that comes in stripes inside this cluttered dorm room.

Repetitive, transferred, organically divided form of lights.
I am subconsciously attracted to stripes.


Anonymous said...

What are the last two?

Olen Riyanto said...

broken strips of light
and the stripes on my pants

Joshua Didi said...

these are great! I love how you express the emotion here. the composition, contrast and toning are pulled in the same string.

Not really into the graphic elements you added to the type though, you could work it better I think;)

Keep the spirit up! You are one talented young lady!

Olen Riyanto said...

thank you for the feedbacks :)


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