Thursday, June 25, 2015

chelsea skies.

People think having fears is normal. The judgement comes when you tell them what is it that you fear in particular; cotton buds, roaches, heights, monsters in your closet? Anything is possible. Fear is fear, and how you value them in your life will determine how you'll rule your state of mind.

Aside from the FOMOs (fear of missing out) caused by this one bipolar hell of a city, I have been having fears about losing myself, or even losing the drive that gets me out of bed every single day. Life is not as tough when you're well equipped with food and entertainment. Leisure is on every corner, books are affordable. But too much of it and you'll find yourself living in a blur.

When I used to live in Chelsea, one of the things I'd like to do was to lie down on one of the rock benches at Chelsea Piers, and look up into the big open skies. As cliché as it might get, this simple act of being outside, I find it somehow to be therapeutic, but at the same time, it gets lonely.

It rained pretty hard afterwards.


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