Friday, January 24, 2014

presto: bye polar.

Last week, my best friend in the Netherlands popped an interesting idea. He suggested to post pictures from my new phone because the built-in camera was pretty decent. I have mixed feelings about the whole camera phone evolution, but I thought it through and here I am, writing the first post for this new 'presto' monthly section since the long hiatus!

Entering the second week of Spring semester, it seems like the city will be going back and forth between clear days and snow storms for awhile. Yes, the snow might look so beautiful instead of hazardous, but let me remind you that this is New York. Before you know it all the white snow turned mashed black, and I've lost count of how much yellow snow I encountered per day.

Yet to look up at the sky after the storm, you'll be reminded of how NYC is just another city with a personality of a human being. Sometimes it'll befriend you right in the middle of Union Square and take you to eat the best caramel crêpe in town, and other times it'll not appreciate your effort to cross the icy surface of the street to attend class.


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