Sunday, April 21, 2013

no signal.

During Spring break, I visited Jochebelle (Bella) and her roommate Yani at San Jose, about an hour drive from San Fransisco. Months of no contact with her made the simple shoot pretty unexpected, and I'm glad that she still got her poses, beauty, and personality all in-tact.

Aside from the shoot, we also had a conversation about selecting pictures for the blog. Bella seemed to like her softer expressions compared to the darker and edgy ones that I tend to choose for the final pictures. Despite all that, I agreed to plan another shoot with her that'll be softer than the previous ones because we both would like to explore more feminine themes.

Big thanks to Connie and Stefan for coming along to San Jose with me that day!


Anonymous said...

Hey Olen, I am a big fan of this blog!
Your photos are always so alive and powerful :)
Please do more photoshoot with Jochebelle, her shots are always my favorites.

Stay awesome! xx

Anonymous said...

dat jochebelle, dam fine model


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