Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Have you ever mindlessly doodled on a tissue while you were on the phone, or fiddled with a rubber band when someone was scolding you? Well, today I found myself grabbing my camera in the midst of piling a mountain high of doubts.

Doubts about the future, about time management, about confidence, about freedom.

And I thought about since when is photography about how much equipments I have to use --which stresses me out quite a bit when it comes to planning. There's something about my way of working that changed, and it gave me an impression of being corrupted. Like an error file on your desktop.

I wonder if I'll be more relaxed about all of this when I'm back in NYC, as a Fine Arts student that focuses only on making beautiful things.

Friday, October 10, 2014

tenth of october.

I've decided to make my website public since about two weeks ago, therefore this blog would still be running as more of a personal platform. Honestly I'm still a bit annoyed about not being able to share all of my pictures both from work and daily life in one place anymore. It's not that I can't, but I'm still trying to figure out how to manage two sites at the same time. I mean, hell, I didn't even update this blog that often.

But yes, figuring things out is not the same as cooking a cup noodle. Instant gratification is the last thing I wanted to practice right now.

Aside from tech dev and work, I've also started a short project with a mystery model. She's fifteen years old, and despite her young age, she's been babysitting my nephew from time to time.

I also just got back from China and committed a crime by buying a fake pair of canvas shoes --only because they're navy blue plus it's China, what can you expect? They're not the ones in the photograph, though. I bought this orange pair for a good price on ZALORA.

OH and I styled! Man, it's been awhile since I did that. Remember Ray from the previous post? He introduced me to Bowo, a photographer and adorer of all things Japanese. We ended up collaborating at my house the week after we got to know each other;

You can check his works here and follow his instagram @prabowbow.

Yes, ok, that's all for the greeting post this month.
With that, I wish you all a fucking one hell of a great weekend!


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