Saturday, June 18, 2016

digitals: ju.

Captured a few digitals of Juliette around a week ago. She's the sweetest and handiest (she works in the tool room) croissant around the Fine Arts building. You should check her works out when it's out. Currently preparing a project involving a couple of people, including her, so let's see what happens. All I know right now is that it'll be fun 'cause it's always fun to work with the peops that knows you best as a person and as an artist.

It's nice to climb back slowly into the creative zone :)

Friday, June 17, 2016


Summer in New York made me sort of anti-social. Well at least I haven't been going out as much as I used to, but people went to my place a lot for a quick rest or just a full day of watching TV and eating take outs. Yeap, life after graduation has been pretty slow.

At some point last week, I've decided to start taking pictures again for the sake of it. So I bought the camera I've been eyeing for two years, and to be honest, it felt weird looking at the pictures I took from the new camera. Maybe I have some sort of an attachment problem with my DSLR. Let's see how it goes, though. I mean now I'm pretty much free from academic obligations, so I'm looking forward to what I'll be creating from now on.

For now, here's a few pictures I took today of my New York familia, including our current foster dog Genevieve. She's a mix of chihuahua and cavalier King Charles spaniel. Very well behaved, breaking our hearts everyday, chill as fuck, and just a blessing from the world because she came during our finals which saved the household from blowing up into a pile of stressed and jumbled Asian puddle.

So yeap, stay dry wherever you are, peops.


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