Sunday, March 9, 2014



I had a big revelation when I stepped into my best friend's apartment; immense amount of light is necessary for the soul. I sat on the couch, blanked out, and stayed in that position for the next five days, barely moving, if not washing dishes, drinking wine, or eating what he cooked.

Therefore, I didn't go out much, because 'out' was already inside the room. I absorbed so many sunlight from the windows and doors. I wasn't in need of anything else. Lutz went to his classes and I was turning into a plant.

On the last two days I met Aukje (read: au-kee-ah). Didn't expect to be able to meet someone so inspiring, bright and smart within the ten days I've spent in the Netherlands. I found her to be in the same frequency --if only our communication can be measured in the units of radio waves.

I don't want to overcomplicate my feelings towards this, and I don't need to.
I had a really good break, and so that is all.

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Monday, March 3, 2014


For the past four days, I've ran away from the umpteenth snowstorm of New York to the land of bikes and canals.

The first few days weren't so good due to my health, still freshly recovering from a week of fevers and bad throat conditions. But my best friend never ceases to help me out through each day, juggling between taking in everything and chilling it out. On top of all that, the weather's a bit bipolar --either gloomy or sunny, or both at the same day -- but the quality of the Northern light in this city is one of the big reasons I wanted to go back to Europe.

Tomorrow I'll be leaving Amsterdam for another city, and hopefully it'll be way more relaxing for me to catch up with my school works.

I'll post another photo journal soon enough.


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