Wednesday, April 24, 2013

we're here.

It wasn't just an ordinary morning call today.

When I opened my eyes due to hearing the door, instead of finding Alex saying hello while taking off her shoes, I found the four of them shouting and grinning at my half-surprised and sleepy face. 'The four of them' consisted of amazing individuals I've been spending my time with for the last 8 months in class; Alex (my roommate since January), Tom, Barbara, and Marissa. With the everyday puns, sassy phrases, and the constant effort of trying to teach me sarcasm, my freshmen year went by just like that, breaking all of my premonitions about being a sad introvert at SVA.

Although we'll see less of each other next year, I'll always wish them well and remember the days when we sat around together in McDonald's or the painting class, or today's trip to Madison Square Park enjoying the bright skies of New York complete with the sound of jazz trumpet.

They're here, and I'm very glad of that.

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