Are you a photographer?

Where and what are you taking in college?
I just graduated from School of Visual Arts, NYC
So now I'm just pointlessly roaming around the city for another year

Why "Pretty Merdes (Shits)"?
I have this belief that you can take the beautiful out of every single thing in life
pretty things, shitty things, they live side by side, sometimes complementing each other

Where are you residing currently?
Manhattan, New York

Tools of trade?
Nikon D700
and a Fuji Instax 210 polaroid
but I'd like to keep it varied

Favorite photographers?
Diane Arbus, Francesca Woodman, Wolfgang Tillmans, Dominik Tarabanski
and a whole lot more that I tend to not remember until I see their names

What is photography to you?
An approachable ability to share the things you see that might've not been noticed by others
Sometimes it can fool you, and that's fine, because we need to be fooled sometimes
and foolishness can be vulnerable and beautiful

Are you open to questions, interviews, job offers, etc?
Yeap! Feel free to e-mail me at florentin.riyanto@gmail.com


My photo
Photosynthesizing around the world.