Tuesday, August 12, 2014

bali '14.

To escape the bedug of Eid Mubarak, my family and I went to Bali for six days. It was a big change of scenery. Two weeks before that I was surrounded by concretes and windows with plants that are dying. Suddenly my lungs were inhaling the salty air of a paradise that is only an hour of flight from my hometown.

Despite the fact that the island was filled with people who fled from Jakarta for the same reason, it didn't stop my family to travel around to places where my nephew can scream with joy.

"Uwa uwa!" he shouted. "Sendal, digigit!" That was his favorite story of the whole trip that he kept on telling us --they went to the monkey forest and my nephew's sandal was bitten and stolen away by some silly monkey.

Om swastiastu.


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