Friday, December 12, 2014

cirebon city.

I did a spontaneous cultural getaway to the city of Cirebon, three hours away by train from the capital. A childhood friend of mine offered to take me around because the town that's famous for its batik production turns out to be his hometown. So away we went for three days, squeezing a week's worth of knowledge and culture into that limited timeframe.

Therefore, special thanks to Tomy Agusta and family for being such a great host.

Other than that, the only new thing about my life would be the money-burning obsession towards polaroid. The raw quality of a scanned polaroid gave me a room to breathe from the long and painful process of editing my other pictures. Currently crossing my fingers about it, though.

Blogger's kind of annoying these days due to the inaccurate colors it gave to some of the pictures I've uploaded bellow. But I guess it's fine for now.

Aside from all of the work and mingling, I had two weeks left before flying off to the concrete winter of NYC. Excited? Yeap. Gonna be able to see a lot of my good friends, both humans and artworks. Although I might've not be able to do a lot of fashion photography due to the workload I'll get as a third year student. Maybe that's why the world is giving me a lot of new opportunities in photography these days.

I can only hope that juggling everything this time will be easier with the clarity that I've gained during the past six months of being home.

Peace and wanderlust!


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