Monday, September 16, 2013

modern cherub.


I am very conscious right now that I haven't been posting as much. Good news though, I'm back in NYC. Will not be making promises no more so enjoy the surprises. Not posting regularly puts you in my shoes; I can never tell which little things would brighten up my day today or in the tomorrows. So thank you for those who let the experience seeps in.

As a little housewarming celebration, I did a shoot with Danielle. You'll miss her blue eyes and I'm not apologizing because she looks divine in black and white.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

3.1 young lads.

My passion just got kickstarted by my favorite creative-cultured country, Nippon NYLON's resident model, and Phillip Lim's interpretation of keeping your identity open yet in tact at the same time -- yes, I can't put down everything but just briefly said, all of those combined.  All the brains of the world please scream with me, "For the love of vintage tones and youthful life!"

Thanks to the wonderful Beata and our constant obsession towards Kiko Mizuhara, she see-ASAP-ed me to and I exchanged that information with the video below.

Here's to everyone's dysfunctional relationship with their personal fashion and passion!


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