Friday, August 24, 2012

soul searching.

I am really sorry to inform that the second concept that I took pictures of on the same day as Flora will be delayed for another week. I will be working on it next weekend. I've been having the worst editing-block due to my creativity crisis, and I am building up my determination in digital imaging from level one. But please look forward to it because you'll be presented with new things, I promise!

Before New Zealand, I made a plan with Bella to at least have one more shoot at her house; a simple one, less fashion and more art, so I spared a day before flying to New York to do so. I demanded something with more feelings, and she wanted something unique.

Although the initial concept got changed at last minute, the results are still something to be delighted about. We tried something new, it was challenging, but it gave me the idea of a great collaboration. I am definitely sure that in the future, Bella and I will create something even better.

This will be dedicated to all of you who's searching for your soul. May you never get lost in life and find your way to understanding.

See you in NYC!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

new zealand.

My family and I ran away to New Zealand for about nine days because we wanted some fresh air and also we're craving to eat a lot of sheep.

I'm kidding. We planned the trip since June. My mom loves to spend our Lebaran holidays touring a country that'll give us chills from the cold air. Last year it was Australia, and well this year I am beyond loving her decision to bring us to the land of hobbits! Not a day without out-loud thank yous coming from my mouth like a reflex. Plus I am extremely delighted to be completely unleashed from the shackles of studio photography and digital imaging and just ...let the sun do their thing! Let God work on His organic photoshop!

Most memorable place from the country would be Baldwin Street at Dunedin. Oh and the pastures of Milford Route!

Just in case you're wondering who's the baby, that'll be my nephew Regain. He might not love New Zealand as much as I do but he successfully stole everyone's hearts during the tour :)

Kia ora!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


I'll be departing to New Zealand in hours, therefore there will be absence of updates for about ten days. Although if I have internet there I might put up some travel pictures. It'll be a total breathe of fresh air after the frequent exploration of studio photography.

Aside from that, I woke up this morning and silently freaked out about people leaving for college and soon I'll be leaving too. Therefore I wanted to make this special post for my four muses; Brea, Jesslyn (which I called Gesso for a personal-conceptual reason), Patricia, and Jochebelle. They have inspired me throughout my journey in photography and also gave me a lot of their time and energy. God really blessed me by putting them in my life whether as muses or friends that connected through art.

There is no way I'll forget them, because people rarely forget beginnings. I am determined to capture more of their smiles in the future, whether in photo shoots or out and about.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


This is the part one of the photo shoot we did last Tuesday. The team got slightly changed but we worked our ass off for every theme. To be specific, Amy the stylist and Michella the MUA were very patient despite the fact that they have to put up with the changing demands and many little fixations.

"Flora" is a planned-for-Patricia concept, where the stylist and I both agreed that Pat can deliver clean cut looks as gorgeous as Sigrid Agren in the Celine campaign. We were aiming for a subtle fierceness, and a touch of floral contributes to the 'feel' pretty well.

I'll see you all again in part two.


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