Monday, January 28, 2013

meet zoe.

Brea introduced me to Zoe Baker-Peng during my Sandy evacuation week, right after she showed me this. I was awed by so many things in the pictures that it broke this hibernating mind of mine. After weeks of trying to find the right time (and enough courage), by the beginning of last week I contacted her and Lili Finckel the stylist, went uptown on the Saturday, and witnessed one of the best duo I've ever worked with so far. I can't thank them more for their willingness to create such amazing looks, expressions, and images even though it's only for a test shoot. I will surely be waiting for future collaborations with them!

Special thanks to Brea and Stefan for accompanying us throughout the shoot.

Monday, January 21, 2013

german crown.

Introducing Stefan, named after the Swedish tennis player, Stefan Edberg. He's an aspiring photographer, currently studying at SVA with me. We knew each other since primary school, then he moved to UK in 10th grade. Despite that, we still hang out with the same group every summer. Our similar corny humor brought us to frequent talks about photography and anybouts.

Click here to check his dramatically solemn works.

Friday, January 4, 2013


First of all, happy new year 2013! Hopefully we all will have a better year than the previous. Personally, I wanted to be able to update this blog more, and so I shall not restrict myself on posting fashion-related pictures only this year and so forth.

A lot of people said to me about how I don't need to make a website, and I was never really sure that I need one either. Pretty Merdes so far allows me to interact with the viewers about the creative process and product of each project, and even slipping some personal-related things when I don't have any projects. I'm also at a place where I still can't claim to be above amateur, and so calling myself a 'photographer' is always a bit shameful.

But sometimes you just have to stop thinking too much, they say, and in the meantime you can take things slowly but sure. So here I am giving a preview of what hopefully will grow into a realistic creative outlet.

For those who didn't know, my name's Florentin Riyanto, nicknamed Olen since a few months old, and so that should explain the 'f' and the dot above.

I'll be seeing you all soon with new updates!


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