Friday, February 21, 2014


Looking back, I am not sure if I have posted any pictures of my current home away from home. Well, if any of you did wonder, since the beginning of my sophomore year I've opted out from dorm life and found a studio apartment to live in. It is in the Chelsea area, right across one of my university's main buildings.

Therefore, I've been living in an unstable solitude for the past five months. First semester became a reflection of a big struggle. My GPA suffered, side projects delayed, but then aside from the bad, I also had fun due to my friends' effort to drag me out of the bed. Thank you, friends.

Here are my favorite nooks and crannies so far. Oh and feel free to come by when you're in town!

Monday, February 10, 2014


(This editorial is currently featured at The Fashionisto)

Another test shoot batch from Fly Models Mgt. This one got delayed with the other two batches but I'm currently working on them. Hopefully I'll be able to get to my usual pace in no time.

Rafael Gaidzinski is from Brazil, very sweet, very charming, stern yet solemnly outstanding. He also just got featured in, so you can check his portfolio so far. All the designs are from Peter Do's Fusion 2013 collection --which I have admired for the patterns and the cuts since I saw in on the runway, along with my senior's collection. The metal rings and pendant are all made by Mike McManus, a Brooklyn-based artist that I am also currently helping out.

It is also a memorable shoot because Kenny assisted me with it. Aside from being very helpful that day, we ended up hanging out even more frequently since then. I also assisted with one of her short film shooting and it was amazing to witness how professional our generation could be.


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