Wednesday, March 27, 2013

coming soon.

"Where are the updates?"

"Why do you keep on posting previews at Instagram and not post any pictures?"

"Is Olen still alive?"

Yes, this is all I've been hearing for the past two months despite the fact that this visual blog doesn't have much followers except you, yes you, all of my loyal friends and people who got the updates notice from Facebook.

If you're wondering why the updates are getting longer and longer, it's because I've been living without a laptop for almost three months by now. How is that even possible? IPad. That practically saved my cyber connection. Yet when it comes to keeping the blog updated, it's pretty difficult especially with the library closing at 11 PM and the weekends spent getting distracted with food, friends, and artworks.

Just to keep you posted (and interested, believe me I'm trying hard) I have two batches of pictures to edit ...hopefully soon. One would feature a new friend of mine that looks like an asian-caucasian cherub, and the other would be a comeback of one of my four muses. They're just simple stuff, since  I'd like to keep my things far from grandiose. But who knows, you might find me doing glamour during the summer.

And so here I am, keeping all of you curious with a sneak peak above.
Hang in there, pretty minds!

Calins pour vous,

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