Sunday, April 20, 2014

franklin street.

Got to spend my afternoon with Abby!

In the midst of ignoring doing mountainous amount of work --both for finals and freelance bits --the transition from winter to spring in addition to my muse visiting New York would probably be the best mind-cleansing thing I could ever do right now. We ate, talked, and roamed around Franklin St for awhile. It was a good amount of time to catch up before we face our finals soon.

Nowadays I'm also working on video art projects, and able to borrow different equipments from the Fine Arts department, one of them being a Canon 70D. I have commitment issues when it comes to cameras, therefore I must say that as much as I love Deedee, I also found myself to be enjoying the different tones that this camera produced.

So here you go, a short one from Abby and I.
Oh and have a great easter!


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