Sunday, May 26, 2013


Greetings from Jakarta!

May is ending but I happened to save this one shoot I did back in the midst of the month. Yes, ask away about the 'when' and I'll answer you with the full set of pictures next month. For now, I am happy to announce my collaboration with Beata Primana and Josha Ponggawa for the final presentation of these pictures featuring the most hipster-looking 14 year-old I've ever did a test shoot on.

I would like to apologize for being such a lazy ass. Summer so far turns me into a cat; I did nothing much aside from rolling around the bed from morning 'till night. I did took some pictures but they're mostly for work, so I wouldn't be able to post them until it is published.

But hey, I am up for any freelance job/collaboration for now. Trying to find an internship at the same time. Not an easy task after all.

Wishing you all the wellness of the world!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

bts: rachel et nicole.

Rachel et Nicole, two sisters with a whole lot of energy, colors, passion, and fashion. They're currently running a very well-known fashion blog and I am very amazed at how they can rapidly infiltrate the bipolar NYC weather with their expressive fashion and photography. Brea and I have been devouring their blogs since November last year and after months of conversations over the internet, they invited me to tag along on their editorial shoot for Lulu's. The beautiful weather, neighborhood, and also the contagious energy from these two stunningly creative sisters became the highlight of my last weekend in the city.

They currently have a promo for Lulu's only for those in USA and Canada, so you better visit their blog for a good dose of a good deal!


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