Thursday, July 23, 2015

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Hello to whoever still open this blog for the past months. To those who just found this, well, you're welcome to browse around!

I've been focusing on updating my website for the past six months, alongside all the assignments I have to do for school. Yes, school. Aside from my paid (and somewhat unpaid) jobs, I still have tons of labor to do when it comes to fine arts. It's been very fun --struggling through it and sort-of failing in juggling my multiple interests. For what it's worth, I think I'm getting better. My status as a student kind of compensates on my failures, even though I'm always aiming for a professional status, which means the self-disappointments are endless.

Meh, classic case of artist's ego.

A nice highlight that has been happening since last year is that I've got the opportunity to take lots of portraits for my friends' professional use! I guess that's an indication that people around you are advancing quite gracefully in their career, and a LinkedIn profile is like the cherry-on-top.

One of the most memorable sessions was when my photo theory professor asked me to take a portrait of her for an Artspace interview. Her works and perspective are badassly sincere, and she taught me how to be more critical and brave when it comes to fine arts approach in photography.

Living a life summer to summer.
Hope to be able to evolve together with those who keeps living to maintain their passion.

I'll see you in 48 hours, Jakarta :)


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