Monday, June 24, 2013

featured:'s 19th

Did a contribution for's e-magazine. It is such a pleasure for me to work with Dwimayu and her team to promote Indonesian fashion brands! The out-of-the-bubble experience gave me more than just a work experience, but also opens a path to knowing more people with varied creativity, ideas, and colors.

A great example would be the cover story below; Abigail the stylist created a concept of embracing the Mexican quirkiness of Frida Kahlo. It was challenging and different than what I usually do, but I was still able to work with her and Aldis (make up & hair) to smear the Kahlo-ness we had in mind all around the beautiful models, Tatyana and Iku.

If you're looking for an indoor flea market experience or in need of renewing your summer wardrobe, please come to their pre-event bazaar. It's going to be at the 8th floor of Senayan City starting July 4th until 6th. About 80-something local Indonesian brands are going to be there. Go to for further info.
Click here to check the full June 2013 issue and their other editions too!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

meet abby.

During October last year, I messaged a high school junior of mine and asked if she's interested for a test shoot. She said yes and we agreed to do it summer this year. Back then I was a bit clueless of the reason why I asked her.  The fondness was vague but I was already too determined. Not until yesterday that I finally understood; Abby Latip is my fifth muse. After a year of being museless, I was wrong for thinking that four's too many.

In front of the camera, Abby got this Kiko Mizuhara-esque features and a very youthful ambiance. Outside of it, I pretty much admire her for her works in graphic design and for her friendly and positive personality.

I'm beyond thankful of the creative prep team consisted of Connie and Natassia. They did their roles well from styling, make up and hair, to even holding up the background so it won't flew off.

So here you go. Muse number five!

Monday, June 17, 2013


Three days ago I was a bit in disbelief for realizing that I only have half of this month left. Currently sleep deprived from all of the editing that I have to do (plus other things) but I am glad that jobs are starting to come along. Teaching yourself how to do all of this professionally takes balls, but I'm still sure that I am progressing forward and at the least, being productive.

Today I did a little favor for my junior back in high school, Jason. He loves fashion, he loves NYC, and so he was talking all sorts of things about visiting the city from where he'll be. We took the pictures nearby our lunch place and he looked really happy with the results.

Sometimes I can't really be fully conscious in accepting the fact that people are happy with the pictures I took. All of these pictures comes from my desperation of understanding and endless effort to be positive about it, while silently inside my head I could be found chanting the word 'thankful'. At first it was purely that, but nowadays I wanted to improve so much in digital retouch, and this is because I want to test myself on how far can I really master this blob of skill.

Aside from that, here's a little batch of yesterday's profile shoot with Jason.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

a fine lunch.

Reiner is a friend of mine since grade 5, and his love of cooking amazes me to the point where I don't have to work much to produce an appetizing picture of what he presented. He made his food all from scratch and often invited a group of friends to his house so that we can have lunch and chill together.

This is just a few of what he made yesterday, but I really love the edamame paste that he used to garnish most of his dishes yesterday.

I'll make sure to announce to you all if he ever opens a restaurant in the future. But for now you can feast his creations with your eyes through clicking here to check Reiner's instagram.


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