Wednesday, October 23, 2013


(This editorial is currently featured in The Fashionisto)

Been doing several test shoots during the ninth month of this year. Got to communicate and meet a lot of great people. I think despite the struggle of adjusting to another year of NYC fast-paced life, I'll be having a lot of fun due to the creative circle that hopefully I'll be roaming around semi-permanently.

Thanks for Kenny who so far is the best assistant I've ever had. Despite his first time, Vincent also styled according to what I have in mind. Of course Guilherme from Fly Models Mgt has been helpful enough to put up with my ambiguous directing and still look bedheadedly handsome on camera.

Special thanks to Francisco for the constant support through Facebook and e-mails :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

sunday stripes.

It seems like summer never left me, and I am too reluctant to leave it behind anyways.

Back in Indonesia, I've hopped on the boat of commercialism during my last two months and a half being there, and I guess I was a bit seasick. So then I hopped on another kind of ride, flying overseas and traveled to the lands where inspiration rushed in like comets and meteors. The impact cleansed my brain so much that after the trip I called Abby to squeezed in a shoot.

Yes, I've been taking pictures with some of my muses without any team or theme. The purpose was simple; to just have a chill time without any restrictions whatsoever. It was a way for me to relax and my muse to work harder (haha)

Just kidding, we had a great Sunday and a great set of pictures for you to enjoy.

Monday, September 16, 2013

modern cherub.


I am very conscious right now that I haven't been posting as much. Good news though, I'm back in NYC. Will not be making promises no more so enjoy the surprises. Not posting regularly puts you in my shoes; I can never tell which little things would brighten up my day today or in the tomorrows. So thank you for those who let the experience seeps in.

As a little housewarming celebration, I did a shoot with Danielle. You'll miss her blue eyes and I'm not apologizing because she looks divine in black and white.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

3.1 young lads.

My passion just got kickstarted by my favorite creative-cultured country, Nippon NYLON's resident model, and Phillip Lim's interpretation of keeping your identity open yet in tact at the same time -- yes, I can't put down everything but just briefly said, all of those combined.  All the brains of the world please scream with me, "For the love of vintage tones and youthful life!"

Thanks to the wonderful Beata and our constant obsession towards Kiko Mizuhara, she see-ASAP-ed me to and I exchanged that information with the video below.

Here's to everyone's dysfunctional relationship with their personal fashion and passion!

Thursday, August 29, 2013


My distant uncle David and aunt Indri are very close with my parents despite the fact that they've been living in Bali for a long time already. Turns out that keeping in touch is not what they're only good at, but they also manage three of the well known furniture stores on this island of wonders.

While they call it furniture, I call it functional artworks. They recycled driftwoods and oil drums and turned them into furnitures that match the Western and Japanese interior tastebuds. Their works furnished not only the inside of people's houses, but also outside; they turned out to be one of the window panes distributor for Potato Head Bali's exterior.

Welcome to today's interior porn!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

the ipanema ballad.

About a month ago after a photo shoot, Talita from Lasalle Jakarta approached me via e-mail and asked about taking pictures for her Trend Analysis class' final project. The theme given by her teacher was the song "The Boy from Ipanema" and they wanted to do a melancholic interpretation of it -- since the story of the song itself is already heartbreaking. After a few e-mails I OK-ed and the results, well, as you can see (and savor) below.

It was a very nice holiday job even though it was only for two days. All of the members of the team were able to gain a mind-blowing experience of working in such a beautiful space, surrounded by the ocean, salty wind, and a whole lot of stories. Yes, stories of their life, interests in fashion, and of course, ideas and directions for the shoot!

A great way to end my summer jobs this year.
Thanks to everyone in the team!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


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