Monday, September 16, 2013

modern cherub.


I am very conscious right now that I haven't been posting as much. Good news though, I'm back in NYC. Will not be making promises no more so enjoy the surprises. Not posting regularly puts you in my shoes; I can never tell which little things would brighten up my day today or in the tomorrows. So thank you for those who let the experience seeps in.

As a little housewarming celebration, I did a shoot with Danielle. You'll miss her blue eyes and I'm not apologizing because she looks divine in black and white.


Reinhardt Kenneth said...

I really love the homey-simplicity look here, loving your works! am also a photographer from Indonesia:) x

Agnes Koriston said...

loving all the photos!<3 she's so gorgeous!<3
and i really love how less is always make a thing looks more <3

Novarinna Tan said...

OMG olennnn.. This is super cool !!
I found your blog from Sonia Eryka's blog.
Good job dear :))

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