Thursday, October 3, 2013

sunday stripes.

It seems like summer never left me, and I am too reluctant to leave it behind anyways.

Back in Indonesia, I've hopped on the boat of commercialism during my last two months and a half being there, and I guess I was a bit seasick. So then I hopped on another kind of ride, flying overseas and traveled to the lands where inspiration rushed in like comets and meteors. The impact cleansed my brain so much that after the trip I called Abby to squeezed in a shoot.

Yes, I've been taking pictures with some of my muses without any team or theme. The purpose was simple; to just have a chill time without any restrictions whatsoever. It was a way for me to relax and my muse to work harder (haha)

Just kidding, we had a great Sunday and a great set of pictures for you to enjoy.

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Jane Reggievia said...

Hey there!
I am just jumping in to say I love your works. Breathtaking (:



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