Friday, January 4, 2013


First of all, happy new year 2013! Hopefully we all will have a better year than the previous. Personally, I wanted to be able to update this blog more, and so I shall not restrict myself on posting fashion-related pictures only this year and so forth.

A lot of people said to me about how I don't need to make a website, and I was never really sure that I need one either. Pretty Merdes so far allows me to interact with the viewers about the creative process and product of each project, and even slipping some personal-related things when I don't have any projects. I'm also at a place where I still can't claim to be above amateur, and so calling myself a 'photographer' is always a bit shameful.

But sometimes you just have to stop thinking too much, they say, and in the meantime you can take things slowly but sure. So here I am giving a preview of what hopefully will grow into a realistic creative outlet.

For those who didn't know, my name's Florentin Riyanto, nicknamed Olen since a few months old, and so that should explain the 'f' and the dot above.

I'll be seeing you all soon with new updates!

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