Saturday, December 15, 2012

inner being.

Four months ago I took a set of pictures that I have been editing occasionally until now.

The whole idea came from Coco Rocha's French magazine cover crossed with my random bump of Bella's torso x-ray picture that she uploaded on facebook. For some reason I ended up deciding to 'practice' with these pictures and didn't stop experimenting from the lighting aspect, but also the polishing aspect of it. I had a LOT of fun working with these pictures because I have more liberty to make them even more fine-arts-looking.

This is my last batch of pictures that I did during the summer in Jakarta. Hopefully I'll be inspired during the Christmas break and update a bit more frequently. After all, there's a lot of beautiful things I would love to share here from New York!

Special thanks to Brea, Melia, and Michella for being such a great prep team that day.


Noomie Doodles said...

this is really good! your getting better and better as you already are :) keep it up :)

Jill Bobby said...

Hi Olen,
I stumbled upon your website today; and honestly I really think you've done a great job here. The concepts are stunning, the tone is beautiful. There are still room for improvements here and there, but I guess, you'll go beyond that soon enough (especially knowing that you are 18 years old). Keep the great job, Olen. I am looking forward to your posts.

Jill Bobby

Anonymous said...

You're such a visionary. Keep up the good work.


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