Thursday, July 12, 2012

meet jochebelle.

I am definitely blessed to be able to take pictures of Jochebelle a.k.a. Bella this afternoon.

Met her a couple of times before but never talked to her in person until today. She's very friendly, bubbly, and a natural in front of the camera. It really surprised me when she told me that she haven't done this before.

We were able to take quite a lot of varied pictures, which is something to be thankful for considering that this was just a test shoot. Both of us agreed that next time we should really do more; more clothes, more pictures, more poses, and more fun, of course!

Special thanks to Bella's friend Gaby who took some behind-the-scenes pictures today.

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Tamara S. Putri said...

omg these are ridiculously stunning. Your blog is <3



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