Saturday, August 3, 2013


The long awaited collaboration has finally been done! The first shoot I had when I was back in Jakarta turned out to be presented twenty days before going back to NYC. But it was worth the wait, for sure.

Mabel. I can't really describe her much, but you won't believe how much of a hipster she is considering her current age (which I'm going to keep you guessing about). Her older sister Beata constantly exchange ideas with me and she styled a couple of projects with me during these months. So she saw the vibe that Mabel's been overloaded with, told me, and decided to do the shoot!

On the other hand I was itching to collaborate with Josha because I saw his graphic design works and photo edits since high school and I thought these pictures were perfect for his style.

You know what, I'm a sucker for these peeps, big sucker when it comes to super creative people, and this team is a good example of one.

Note: "Dulu" means 'then' or 'used to be'

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Anonymous said...

Your work is always awesome len! You certainly have an eye for aesthetics, and it's always a pleasure to browse through your blog and to see your creations. Keep up the great work. #sorrylongcomment


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