Monday, June 17, 2013


Three days ago I was a bit in disbelief for realizing that I only have half of this month left. Currently sleep deprived from all of the editing that I have to do (plus other things) but I am glad that jobs are starting to come along. Teaching yourself how to do all of this professionally takes balls, but I'm still sure that I am progressing forward and at the least, being productive.

Today I did a little favor for my junior back in high school, Jason. He loves fashion, he loves NYC, and so he was talking all sorts of things about visiting the city from where he'll be. We took the pictures nearby our lunch place and he looked really happy with the results.

Sometimes I can't really be fully conscious in accepting the fact that people are happy with the pictures I took. All of these pictures comes from my desperation of understanding and endless effort to be positive about it, while silently inside my head I could be found chanting the word 'thankful'. At first it was purely that, but nowadays I wanted to improve so much in digital retouch, and this is because I want to test myself on how far can I really master this blob of skill.

Aside from that, here's a little batch of yesterday's profile shoot with Jason.

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