Wednesday, June 19, 2013

meet abby.

During October last year, I messaged a high school junior of mine and asked if she's interested for a test shoot. She said yes and we agreed to do it summer this year. Back then I was a bit clueless of the reason why I asked her.  The fondness was vague but I was already too determined. Not until yesterday that I finally understood; Abby Latip is my fifth muse. After a year of being museless, I was wrong for thinking that four's too many.

In front of the camera, Abby got this Kiko Mizuhara-esque features and a very youthful ambiance. Outside of it, I pretty much admire her for her works in graphic design and for her friendly and positive personality.

I'm beyond thankful of the creative prep team consisted of Connie and Natassia. They did their roles well from styling, make up and hair, to even holding up the background so it won't flew off.

So here you go. Muse number five!

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