Sunday, March 9, 2014



I had a big revelation when I stepped into my best friend's apartment; immense amount of light is necessary for the soul. I sat on the couch, blanked out, and stayed in that position for the next five days, barely moving, if not washing dishes, drinking wine, or eating what he cooked.

Therefore, I didn't go out much, because 'out' was already inside the room. I absorbed so many sunlight from the windows and doors. I wasn't in need of anything else. Lutz went to his classes and I was turning into a plant.

On the last two days I met Aukje (read: au-kee-ah). Didn't expect to be able to meet someone so inspiring, bright and smart within the ten days I've spent in the Netherlands. I found her to be in the same frequency --if only our communication can be measured in the units of radio waves.

I don't want to overcomplicate my feelings towards this, and I don't need to.
I had a really good break, and so that is all.

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