Sunday, May 26, 2013


Greetings from Jakarta!

May is ending but I happened to save this one shoot I did back in the midst of the month. Yes, ask away about the 'when' and I'll answer you with the full set of pictures next month. For now, I am happy to announce my collaboration with Beata Primana and Josha Ponggawa for the final presentation of these pictures featuring the most hipster-looking 14 year-old I've ever did a test shoot on.

I would like to apologize for being such a lazy ass. Summer so far turns me into a cat; I did nothing much aside from rolling around the bed from morning 'till night. I did took some pictures but they're mostly for work, so I wouldn't be able to post them until it is published.

But hey, I am up for any freelance job/collaboration for now. Trying to find an internship at the same time. Not an easy task after all.

Wishing you all the wellness of the world!

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