Friday, August 24, 2012

soul searching.

I am really sorry to inform that the second concept that I took pictures of on the same day as Flora will be delayed for another week. I will be working on it next weekend. I've been having the worst editing-block due to my creativity crisis, and I am building up my determination in digital imaging from level one. But please look forward to it because you'll be presented with new things, I promise!

Before New Zealand, I made a plan with Bella to at least have one more shoot at her house; a simple one, less fashion and more art, so I spared a day before flying to New York to do so. I demanded something with more feelings, and she wanted something unique.

Although the initial concept got changed at last minute, the results are still something to be delighted about. We tried something new, it was challenging, but it gave me the idea of a great collaboration. I am definitely sure that in the future, Bella and I will create something even better.

This will be dedicated to all of you who's searching for your soul. May you never get lost in life and find your way to understanding.

See you in NYC!

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