Friday, June 1, 2012

the mudde family.

Got another family picture gig! This time it's for Mr Terence Mudde, my homeroom/Humanities teacher back when I was grade 9. His wife also taught me piano when I was grade 4, and Terence taught both my brother and sister too. So it's a really great opportunity.

Their kids, Eli, Natalie, and Ethan were very active, so I have to rely on taking candid pictures for most of the shoot. It was harder than I thought, but I really love the way they laugh and smile so naturally. It doesn't feel like a photo shoot at all. It's more like a picnic, and I'm just there with Selina watching them play.

If I could take more pictures, I would, really. But time was running out, the sun's going down.
Anyways, here they are :)

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Naia said...

"feel"nya sooooo mr terence banget ya. weits :p :p


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