Wednesday, May 23, 2012

the weeda family.

It's about time to speak more in my own visual blog.

So on Monday I did a favor for my homeroom/Economics teacher, Mr Stephen Weeda, to take pictures of his adorable family. They're gonna move back to America in three weeks, so they wanted to have some memories in their Indonesian house.

It started out a bit stiff, as usual, but then they loosened up and so the family atmosphere builds up too. I was a bit concerned about the lighting because it was quite a gloomy late afternoon, but I decided to worry less and make it work. Oh and I got assisted by my friend Selina. She helped me a lot with the compositions and locations. By the end of the shoot I think we both have gained such a great experience that day. Hopefully they'll like the pictures when they hang them in their house back in Michigan.

Anyways, although only a small batch, enjoy the pictures :)

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deMusique said...

wow... REALLY nice :)


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